Paraguay- National Migration Policy Team validates document on the subject

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Friday, February 20, 2015
IOM Development Fund

Within the framework of the project "Strengthening Paraguayan Migration Management System", funded by the IOM Development Fund, it was held on October 21st, the "3rd Validation Workshop for Paraguay’s Immigration Policy", at Grand Hotel del Paraguay, in the city of Asuncion.

For the elaboration of the Migration Policy and its subsequent validation, representatives of government institutions, civil society and academia gave their support throughout the process by providing knowledge and experiences regarding migration, and their contributions were essential inputs so the document can have an integrated approach, satisfying the needs of all stakeholders.

The event was led by the responsible of IOM Mission in Paraguay, Richard Velazquez, as well as Attorney Karina Gomez, Chief of Staff of the General Directorate of Migration, and Dr. Javier Parquet, who presented the document and spoke about its importance regarding the country circumstances in terms of movement of people, while highlighting the joint efforts of all parties and their leading role throughout the work process.

Richard Velazquez stressed that the Migration Policy Document "meets the basic conditions that a migration policy document must contain to really provide a comprehensive approach to the phenomenon in the country." "We hope that it can capture an approved immigration policy and especially with a law that can operate this policy in the best way," he added.

The Migration Policy document provides a legal basis for developing a resulting legal standard tool that will regulate and control migration. This document will go afterwards to the government agencies.

On the other hand, Dr. Javier Parquet stressed that the immigration policy document "is an instrument of human claim."

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