Turkmen Officials Study Migration and Health in Portugal

Date Publish: 
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
IOM Development Fund

Turkmenistan - A delegation of government officials from Turkmenistan is this week visiting Portugal to study how the country manages migration-related health issues. The visit, which is jointly organized by IOM Turkmenistan and IOM Portugal, will include a series of meetings with government bodies and NGOs in Lisbon and Porto, as well as project site visits to see the practical implementation of migrant-friendly health policies and programmers.

The study tour is part of an IOM Development Fund-backed project: “Addressing Migration-Related Health Issues in Turkmenistan”, implemented by IOM Turkmenistan in cooperation with the Government of Turkmenistan.

The aim of the visit is to expose senior Turkmen officials to Portuguese best practices in order to strengthen their technical capacity to develop an operational action plan on migration and health in Turkmenistan.

The delegation includes representatives of the Turkmenistan Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, the State Migration Service, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, and the Ministry of Interior.

“IOM Portugal partners in the area of migration and health with government institutions, NGOs and academia to ensure a multi-sectoral approach to migration and health issues. We therefore set up meetings with diverse actors to enable the members of the Turkmen delegation to expose them to a broad range of Portuguese best practices and experience,” said Marta Bronzin, IOM Head of Office in Portugal.

For more information, please contact Merdan Gochkarov at IOM Turkmenistan, Tel: +993 12 420817 +993 12 420817, Email: mgochkarov@iom.int.