Southern Africa, Indian Ocean Initiative Builds Capacity in Migration, Environment and Climate Change

IOM has launched an 18-month project aiming at developing evidence and building capacities on migration, environment, and climate change (MECC) in four countries in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. The project is funded by IOM Development Fund (IDF) and will be implemented through February 2018 in Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and Namibia.

IOM Launches ‘A Day Without Migrants’ Social Media Campaign

IOM has launched a social media campaign, ‘A Day Without Migrants,’ in partnership with the Egyptian award-winning click-funding innovators Bassita, to highlight the real and positive impacts that migrants have on the communities that host them.

Paraguay Launches Project for Effective Migration and Border Management

Paraguay inaugurated the Personal Information and Registration System (PIRS) and the Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) at Asuncion’s Silvio Pettirossi International Airport on November 17th. The launch was attended by Paraguay President Horacio Cartes.

IOM, Malagasy Ministry of Employment Release Report on Labour Migration

IOM and Madagascar’s Ministry of Employment yesterday (14/11) released the National Assessment on Labour Migration report in the capital, Antananarivo.

Participants from the various ministries and key public institutions responsible for labour migration, UN agencies, private sector and civil society representatives involved in labour migration management attended the report launch, which was chaired by Minister for Employment Lydia Toto Raharimalala.

Korean companies’ role crucial in combating labor abuses in Asia

In recent years, various reports have shed light on the “modern-day slavery” behind the global supply chain of frozen prawns and cheap clothes -- how millions of workers in Asia are trafficked into forced labor and endure excruciatingly long hours for low, if any, pay.

David Knight, an international migration expert, says in combating this, Korean companies have a role to play. 

IOM, COMESA Launch Zambia, Zimbabwe Training on Free Movement Protocol

IOM and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat this week launched a flagship training programme for the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the signature and ratification of the COMESA Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons, Labour, Services, Right of Establishment and Residence (known as the Free Movement Protocol).

IOM Trains Malagasy Officials on Bilateral Labour Agreements

IOM, together with the Ministry of Employment of Madagascar, organized a two-day capacity building workshop on the development and formalization of Bilateral Labour Agreements (BLAs) in the capital city Antananarivo on 21-22 September.

Zambia, Zimbabwe Host National Monitoring Committees on COMESA Free Movement

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), IOM and the Governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe have held inaugural meetings of their respective National Monitoring Committees (NMCs) on the COMESA Free Movement of Persons Protocol.

IOM Supports Diaspora Engagement Initiative for Mozambique

IOM and the National Institute of Mozambique Communities in the Diaspora (INACE) last week held a two-day forum to engage relevant government ministries and the diaspora to define concrete ways in which the diaspora can participate actively in the social, economic and cultural development of Mozambique. 

The forum is part of a jointly implemented diaspora engagement project between IOM and the government, represented by INACE, which began in 2013 and is funded by the IOM Development Fund.

IOM Holds Workshop on Displacement Management in Emergency Situations in Mali

At the request of the Government of Mali, IOM conducted a workshop in Bamako last week (11-15 July) to strengthen government and humanitarian actors’ capacity in displacement management in emergency situations.

The workshop, which was supported by the IOM Development Fund, included Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster training modules, with a strong focus on protection. It included sessions on counter trafficking and smuggling in emergencies.  

Mauritius Policymakers Study Environmental Migration

IOM will this week (11-13 July) host a three-day policymaker training workshop on migration, environment and climate change in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius.

Ghana launches National Migration Policy

Ghana - The Government of Ghana has formally launched a National Policy on Migration and its implementation plan, in Accra on 5 April 2016, with support from IOM.  For the first time in the history of Ghana, the Government has formulated a comprehensive Policy to guide the management of its internal, intra-regional and international migration flows. The aim of the policy is to promote the benefits and minimize the costs of migration.  

Migrant Resource Centres Making a Difference for Migrants and their Families in Nigeria

As I look out a broken taxi window as we drive through Lagos’ bustling and busy streets during rush hour, my attention is drawn to the numerous signs advertising job vacancies on walls and street lamp poles.

Enabling Stronger Voices from the Underground in Southern Africa

In February, Voices from the Underground, an IOM project in partnership with local actors in Mozambique and South Africa, completed a year fully dedicated to reinforce a migrant mine worker association and their members to improve their representation role and inform them of their rights.  The main outcome has been to strengthen the knowledge, organizational and technical capacities of these migrant human rights defenders.

IOM Facilitates Study Tour on Labor Migration for Malagasy Officials to Mauritius

A delegation of Malagasy officials recently completed a four-day study tour to Mauritius to examine labor migration management. The visit, which was facilitated by the IOM, focused on sharing experiences on the institutional and administrative framework governing labor migration. It also looked at successful practices of ‘south-south’ and ‘south-north’ labor migration and identified opportunities for strengthening cooperation between the countries.

IOM, Mozambique Launch a Diaspora Engagement Project

Mozambique - In September 2015, IOM Mozambique and the National Institute for Mozambican Communities in the Diaspora (INACE) received funding from the IOM Development Fund (IDF) to further involve the Mozambican diaspora in Mozambique’s development process.

This week (18/2) INACE and IOM held a one-day workshop to officially launch the project and train members of INACE’s Steering Committee on issues relating to migration and development.

Presentation of Timor-Leste’s first National Action Plan for Labour Migration

Timor-Leste - Labour migrants provide remittances that account for one of the country’s largest sources of wealth, along with petroleum, gas and coffee. The country has over 2,300 workers deployed in South Korea and Australia through government-to-government labour migration programmes, sending millions of dollars back home annually. In 2015, about USD 3 million was remitted to Timor-Leste by migrant workers participating in these programmes.

IOM Holds Policy Dialogue in South Korea on Nepali Remittances

Republic of Korea - A policy dialogue and capacity building workshop on how to better use remittances for sustainable development in Nepal brought together Nepali and South Korean government officials, academics and civil society in Seoul on 26-28 January.  

Part of the research project “The Role of Remittances as Effective Development Finance for Sustainable Development in Nepal” (Remittances Project), funded by KOICA and the IOM Development Fund, the three-day event was co-organized by IOM and Ewha Womans University (EWU.)