Mali, Togo Share Good Practices on Diaspora Management

Representatives of the Togolese Government have completed a three-day study visit to Mali to share information on good practices related to the management of diasporas.

The visit, organized by IOM, was designed to share Mali’s experience in the management of its diaspora and to support Togolese government efforts to develop its migration policy and manage the Togolese Diaspora.

IOM Strengthens Private Sector Links to Improve Quality of Life for Mobile, Vulnerable Colombians

IOM Colombia and Colpatria Bank have embarked on a partnership that aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable Colombians through education, recreation, sports, art, culture and the environment. 

IOM has been working with the private sector in Colombia for the past five years as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to engage businesses and other entities in projects with vulnerable populations. 

IOM Screens Documentaries on Migration at Spanish Cultural Center in Nicaragua

IOM will this week screen two IOM-produced documentaries on migration at the Spanish Cultural Center in Managua.

Construyendo Esperanzas: El Reto de la Reintegración (Building Hope: The Challenges of Reintegration) focuses on the hurdles faced by migrants returning to their country of origin.  It is based on an IOM initiative that began in 2007 in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The project has now expanded across Central America, assisting returnees and victims of trafficking to reintegrate successfully into their home communities. 

Nepali Migrants Improve Financial Literacy

Remittances from overseas workers are an economic lifeline in Nepal, last year amounting to around USD 4.75 billion, or 25 per cent of the country’s annual GDP – the highest rate among South Asian countries. 

A lack of knowledge about the importance of savings means that much of that money is spent by families on consumer goods, rather than being reinvested into income generating activities. Consequently migrants who have moved abroad at considerable cost end up stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty and re-migration. 

Paraguayan Migration Officials Study Migration Management, Detection of False Travel Documents

IOM Paraguay this week organized two training workshops for the country’s migration and border officials on migration management and detection of false travel documents.

Labour Attaché Training on Labour Migration Management and Migrant Workers Protection

In order to ensure the protection of the rights of Myanmar migrant workers abroad and to maximize the benefits of organized labour migration by enhancing migrant workers’ well-being as well as contribution to the national development, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and IOM Mission in Myanmar jointly conducted the training for the officials of those who are going to be assigned as Labour Attaché and those who can potentially take similar roles, as well as the officials of those who are part of the team with different roles and responsibilities in labour migration mana

IOM, INTERPOL Train Central African Police in Counter Trafficking

IOM Cameroon, in partnership with the INTERPOL Regional Office for Central Africa, is organizing a training on human trafficking for police officers on March 18th and 19th in Yaoundé.

Participants will include 16 policemen and women from Congo, Gabon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad and Cameroon.

“Human trafficking is a disturbing phenomenon that is increasingly present in Cameroon. Raising awareness of civil servants on this issue has become crucial,” says IOM Cameroon Head of Office Roger-Charles Evina.

Launching of the 2013 National Migration Profile for Comoros

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IOM will launch the first National Migration Profile for Comoros jointly with the Ministry of External Relations and Cooperation, a project which is funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF).

New Research Analyzes Impact of Migration in Trinidad and Tobago

A research study conducted by the ACP Observatory on Migration, implemented by IOM and presented this week in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital Port of Spain, analyzes how recent migration flows to and from the Caribbean nation have affected the development of the country and the migrants themselves.

IOM facilitates high level meeting between Haiti and Brazil to discuss increased Haitian migration to the South American country

IOM facilitated a high-level meeting convened in Brasilia between  government representatives from Haiti and Brazil, to discuss increased Haitian migration to the South American country. 

At the three-day meeting, IOM migration officials facilitated the exchange of information and discussions aimed at identifying strategies to ensure that migration flows between the two countries are safe, creation of mechanisms to strengthen regular migration channels, and combating human trafficking and migrant smuggling. 

Maldives Passes Bill to Criminalize Human Trafficking

IOM commends the Government of the Maldives this week on passing a bill on anti-human trafficking, which makes trafficking in persons a criminal offence with perpetrators liable to 10 to 15 years imprisonment.

IOM Addresses Labour Shortages in Lesotho’s Health Sector

IOM has launched a project to support the Government of Lesotho to address labour shortages in the country’s health sector. Funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF), the USD 200,000 project aims to attract diaspora health professionals in South Africa, the UK and the US to fill critical labour shortages in Lesotho’s health sector.

IOM and Partners Meet in South Sudan to Engage Diaspora for Health Sector Development

IOM concluded a two-day workshop in Juba, South Sudan on Friday, which brought together government officials from the Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development and Education, as well as international experts and other stakeholders to develop an action plan for engaging the country’s diaspora.

IOM Peru Hosts Andean Community Migration Data Experts to Discuss Policies Promoting Safe Migration

IOM Peru this week hosted a group of Andean Community migration data experts focusing on how migration data can influence and promote policies to promote safe and positive migration for the region.

Working with the General Secretariat of the Andean Community, IOM brought together migration data experts, as well as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

IOM, Central American University Train Nicaraguan Consular Officials Online

IOM Nicaragua and the Faculty of Humanities and Communications of the Central American University (UCA) this week signed an agreement to develop an online course on Consular Protection and Human Rights for consular officials at Nicaraguan consulates abroad.

The course aims to strengthen the officials’ theoretical and practical knowledge of migration, with a focus on human rights and gender, and the implications in their consular work.

IOM Supports Migration Management Training in Venezuela

This week the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Relations, with the support of IOM, is conducting a two-week training program on: “Basic Concepts of Public Policy and Migration Management” for Venezuelan officials.  

The training program aims to strengthen the technical capacities of officials on issues of migration management and the development of public policies and programs linked to migration issues.

IOM Presents Preliminary Results of Study on Haitian Migration to Brazil

IOM is today presenting preliminary results of its research on Haitian migration to Brazil at a high level meeting between the two countries.

During the five-day meeting, which started September 2nd in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, high level officials from Brazil and Haiti will discuss the increased migration of Haitians to Brazil, following the devastating earthquake of January 2010.