Research study on the health of migrants in Georgia

In response to a request by the Government of Georgia, the IOM Development Fund supported a project aimed at enhancing governmental capacity in Georgia to monitor, protect and promote the health of migrant populations by means of a comprehensive survey on the health care access, health seeking behaviours as well as risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among returned / returning migrants, foreign migrants, asylum s

Regularization of Nicaraguan Migrants and their Families in El Salvador

The project, which began implementation in October 2010, aimed to reduce the vulnerability of all Nicaraguan migrants who are deeply rooted in El Salvador but are in an irregular situation, including workers and their families, by developing strategies and actions to regularize their migratory status.

Sri Lankan Government and IOM Launch Web-Portal on Migration, Health and Development

The Government of Sri Lanka with the support of IOM launched a web-portal on “Migration, Health and Development” on Monday 19th December at the Ministry of Health auditorium in Colombo.

Greater Mekong Sub-Region Counter-Trafficking Project

The Trafficking of Men in the Fishing Industry and Other High Risk Employment Sectors in Selected Countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region illustrates the ability of IOM Development Fund projects to initiate critical capacity building activities resulting in long-term systemic change.