How to Apply

Project proposals may be submitted by eligible Member States directly to the Development Fund for consideration, including via the Permanent Missions in Geneva. Projects may also be presented on behalf of Member States by IOM Offices, or by the relevant department at IOM Headquarters. All projects are referred to the participating IOM Office(s) for coordination and support.

Project proposals, including those submitted through the Permanent Missions in Geneva, must be supported by a written endorsement and request for IOM Development Fund funding by the respective capital. In the case of regional projects, a minimum of two eligible and benefiting Member States must endorse the proposal. If regional projects benefit several Member States, the Fund management will request additional letters of support from a majority of the eligible and benefiting Member States and may require additional information on the expected outcomes and impact. This endorsement should take the form of a letter to IOM from the cooperating arm of the government, citing the specific project and making specific reference to the Fund support. Governments must assign a focal point for the project prior to implementation.

Project Proposals must be created on the Project Information and Management Application (PRIMA) system which will generate the IOM Development Fund Project templates (narrative and budget). The total staff and office budget should not be more than 30 percent of the total budget. Consistent with the IOM Project Handbook, project proposals will be reviewed on PRIMA and receive endorsement from the relevant Regional Office and in some cases the relevant HQ Department  before final consideration by the Fund management.

It is not necessary for an eligible Member State to create the project document for consideration. Eligible Member States can discuss with or otherwise relay their areas of interest to the nearest IOM Office, or IOM Headquarters, and the relevant IOM unit will then work with the government to shape and finalize the document and the project design.

Project enquiries and applications are accepted in any of the three official languages of the Organization. Submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Line 1 and Line 2 National Project Applications
    • Reviewed throughout the year, subject to funding availability
  • Line 1 and Line 2 Regional Project Applications
    • Deadline: 30th June

The line under which funding is sought (Line 1 or Line 2) has to be specified. In the absence of specific mention of a funding line, projects will be considered under Line 1 or Line 2 by the Fund management on the basis of the level of funding requested, the proposed duration of the project, as well as the availability of funds. Please note that while incomplete applications will not be considered, unsuccessful requests due to funding shortfalls can be reconsidered for funding at a later date or the next allocation year.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with the IOM Development Fund management prior to developing a project concept to avoid unfounded expectations by government counterparts, where funding is not available or an initiative is not eligible. All inquiries, as well as applications should be sent to: