Building the Capacity of the Mauritian Government to Strengthen Linkages with the Mauritian Diaspora

Date Publish: 
Wednesday, February 6, 2019

IOM in close partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Trade (MFA) launched on the 29th November the ‘Building the Capacity of the Mauritian Government to Strengthen Linkages with the Mauritian Diaspora’ project.

The Secretary for Foreign Affairs (SFA) as well as UN Resident Coordinator for Mauritius and Seychelles both highlighted the immense knowledge and experience of the Mauritian diaspora, the need for more data on the size of diaspora communities, their skills, aspirations, and needs to fully realise the Mauritian diaspora’s potential. “The mobilization of the Mauritian diaspora requires determined efforts, constant and innovative outreach and collaborative strategies to establish regular communication channels that would allow involving diaspora members more prominently in various socio-economic projects” pointed out the SFA. The Launch was followed by an inception meeting to contextualise the Project within IOM strategic objectives at national, regional and continental levels and to explain the project goals, high level milestones and rationale to the relevant stakeholders.  The exchange amongst key officials from relevant Ministries and other stakeholders lead to a consensual endorsement and agreement on an implementation strategy of the project activities.

The project constitutes several crucial components, including, the setting up of a Diaspora Cell under the Premises of the MFA pilot mapping in 3 different geographic locations and an evaluation report on the profiling of Mauritian diaspora; and eventually, helping the Government of Mauritius devise a long-term diaspora engagement strategy. The project supported by the IOM Development Fund and is expected to be implemented over a 24-month timeline with the participation of relevant stakeholders and the technical assistance of IOM.