IOM Supports Venezuela Migration Management Training

Venezuela - IOM, together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and Venezuela’s National Experimental Security University (UNES), has taken part in a migration training program for 40 Venezuelan government officials.

IOM Highlights Migration Health Risks in Central America

El Salvador - IOM this week took part in the Regional Dialogue on the Health of Migrants, hosted by the Ministry of Health of El Salvador (MINSAL), the Central American Council of Health Ministers (COMISCA) and the World Organization Health (PAHO/WHO).

IOM Presents National Strategy of Integrated Border Management in Mauritania

Mauritania - IOM, in partnership with the Mauritanian government, has presented the National Strategy for Integrated Borders Management in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Financed by the IOM Development Fund, the development of this strategy was possible thanks to the collaboration and the active participation of representatives of all security agencies and government departments involved in integrated border management.

IOM Supports Namibia in Migration Data Collection and Management for Development

Namibia - As part of its capacity-building activities for strengthening migration management in Member States, IOM organized a training workshop on the essentials of migration management for the development of a Migration Profile in Namibia in Swakopmund, Namibia, on June 17-19.

IOM presents findings of exploratory study on migrants’ health in Central America

El Salvador - According to a recent study done by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)—in coordination with the Ministries of Health of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua—migrants’ health conditions are closely connected to their migration experience, and commonly reflect, among others, several physical, social and environmental constraints.

Turkmen Officials Study Migration and Health in Portugal

Turkmenistan - A delegation of government officials from Turkmenistan is this week visiting Portugal to study how the country manages migration-related health issues. The visit, which is jointly organized by IOM Turkmenistan and IOM Portugal, will include a series of meetings with government bodies and NGOs in Lisbon and Porto, as well as project site visits to see the practical implementation of migrant-friendly health policies and programmers.

“IOM Supports Madagascar’s Counter-Trafficking Efforts” Antananarivo – March 5th 2015

Madagascar - On Thursday in Antananarivo, the government of Madagascar formally presented its National Action Plan to fight Trafficking in Persons within and from Madagascar.

Migrant Health an Increasingly Important Policy Concern for Asia

Bangladesh - Governments must  play a greater role in ensuring labour migrants can access affordable health care while abroad,  representatives from nine Asian countries heard at a major regional consultation on migrant health which closed in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, yesterday (5/3).

IOM Development Fund conducts Atoll Project on Carteret Islands

Papua New Guinea - IOM Emergency And Disaster Management Coordinator, Wonesai Sithole, who covers the whole of Papua New Guinea, leads an innovative programme on the Carteret Atoll.

Mekong Trafficking Report Uncovers Mental Health, Abuse Issues

Thailand - A study launched in Bangkok today reveals that nearly half of people in post-trafficking services in the Greater Mekong region have suffered physical and/or sexual abuse and one in six have contemplated suicide within two weeks of entering care.
The study, commissioned and funded by the Anesvad Foundation, with additional support from the IOM Development Fund and the UK Economic and Social Research Council, was carried out by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and IOM.

Paraguay- Official presentation of International Technical Team

Whitin the framework of the project "Strengthening the Paraguayan Migration System", funded by the IOM Development Fund, within the component II, whose task is the development of a diagnostic document for the modernization of migration management in Paraguay, it was held on October 7 at the Grand Hotel del Paraguay, the official launch of the International Technical Team of IOM that will have this important mission.

Paraguay- National Migration Policy Team validates document on the subject

Within the framework of the project "Strengthening Paraguayan Migration Management System", funded by the IOM Development Fund, it was held on October 21st, the "3rd Validation Workshop for Paraguay’s Immigration Policy", at Grand Hotel del Paraguay, in the city of Asuncion.

Presentation of the Migration Policy Document of the Republic of Paraguay

On Monday December 22nd , in the Executive Lounge of Granados Park Hotel, the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented to the Minister of Interior, Francisco de Vargas,  the document "Migration Policy of Paraguay’s Republic”, a project in which work has been conducted over the past months within the context of the long migration tradition in Paraguay, and the need of a human rights and gender perspective for migration in Paraguay.

IOM Trains Malawi Officials on Migration Data Management

Malawi - IOM has conducted the first of two trainings targeting Malawi government officials on the management of migration data, in cooperation with its partner, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

The training, which was funded by IOM’s Development Fund (IDF), took place on Tuesday (3/2) in the Malawian capital Lilongwe and was attended by over 30 officials from various government departments. This first training focused on migration data management. It will be followed by another session on migration data use.

IOM Completes Population, Housing Census on Honduras, El Salvador Border

Honduras - The IOM offices in Honduras and El Salvador have completed a population and housing census in the border region of Nahuaterique.

The results of the census, which included surveys and interviews with villagers, with men and women equally represented, will contribute to guaranteeing the rights of populations living in the border regions of both countries, especially vulnerable populations.

The IOM-managed census registered more than 6,000 persons, which will allow them to access social programs such as health, education and housing.

IOM, Partners in Central America Train Migrant Health Promoters

IOM and its partners in Central America have organized a series of training workshops in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua aimed at health promoters and government officials concerned with the human rights and health needs of migrants.

The workshops in the three capitals and in high migration provinces were attended by 340 participants. They addressed the vulnerabilities and needs of migrant populations and provided training on the provision of migrant-friendly health services and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

IOM Helps Mongolia to Combat Document Fraud

IOM hosted a two-day technical workshop in Ulaanbaatar this week for 30 Mongolian government officials, to strengthen their capacity to examine potentially fraudulent documents and to learn more about security features of travel documents.

The workshop, attended by officials from the newly established Immigration of Mongolia, updated officials on the latest technology and developments, and built capacity for improved migration management in Mongolia.

IOM and Buenos Aires Host Workshops on Migrant Women and Gender Violence

The IOM Mission in Argentina and Argentina’s Secretariat for Social Promotion of the City of Buenos Aires this week kicked off a series of workshops focusing on migrant women and gender violence.

IOM Opens Three Migrant Resource Centres in Myanmar

IOM has collaborated with the Government of Myanmar to launch three Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs) designed to meet the needs of migrant workers at source and transit areas in Myanmar.

Two of the facilities are located in Mawlayine and Hpa-An in southeast Myanmar close to the Thai border. A third is in Magway in Myanmar’s central ‘Dry Zone’, close to the capital, Nay Pyi Taw. The MRCs are supported by the IOM Development Fund.

Seychelles, IOM Move to Combat Human Trafficking

The Seychelles this week launched a media campaign to combat human trafficking as part of a project supported by the government and funded by the IOM Development Fund.

The campaign aims to help the general public and local NGOs better understand human trafficking and identify actual or potential victims. As part of the project, IOM also trained local media in the sensitive reporting of trafficking stories and the protection of victims.