IOM, Mongolia Seek to Manage Labour Migration

The Mongolian economy’s outstanding performance over the last decade, and its rapidly growing but still largely untapped mining sector, make the world’s least densely populated country an increasingly attractive destination for high-, semi-, and low-skilled migrants from abroad.

At the same time, large numbers of Mongolian workers are moving abroad to search for work in destinations including the Republic of Korea, the United States and Europe.

Namibia to introduce border resident cards

The IOM African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC), IOM Namibia and the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration have completed a nine-day assessment on the introduction of a border resident card for people living on the Namibia-Angola border. The project was supported by the IOM Development Fund.

The 2,500 km long border, with 10 crossing points, is extremely diverse in terms of terms of geography, cross-border ties, numbers of travelers, and procedures related to temporary border passes that have been introduced pending the full implementation of the border resident card.

Uruguay Launches "Positive Migration" Information Campaign

IOM Director General William Lacy Swing and Uruguay's Foreign Minister, Luis Almagro, have launched "Positive Migration," a mass information campaign aimed at raising awareness of the positive effects of migration for the South American country.

The campaign, which is funded by IOM's Development Fund and Uruguay's National Directorate of Publications and Printed Matter, will use radio slots and online messaging, as well as billboards on main arteries in the capital and other cities.

IOM Supports Migration and Development Policy Process in Namibia

IOM Namibia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, has organized a workshop on migration and development in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The May 15th-17th event, financed by the IOM Development Fund, was attended by representatives from various government ministries.

South American Human Rights Experts Debate Protection Needs of Migrants

The IOM Regional Office for South America, with support from IOM Peru, is hosting human rights experts from nine South American countries to discuss the protection needs of migrants in the continent.

Labour Migration Database Set to Launch in Ghana

The Government of Ghana is set to launch a new labour market database as part of its new 2013-2016 Labour Department Strategic Plan. 

Migration Panorama for South America: IOM Migration Profile

The latest publication in the IOM Migration Profile series looks at migration from South America to Europe, North America and Asia, as well as movements within the sub-continent.

The panorama for South America points to Paraguay-Argentina and Bolivia-Argentina as the main regional migration corridors.  Other migration corridors are Peru-Argentina, Peru-Chile, Colombia-Venezuela, Colombia-Ecuador and Bolivia-Brazil.

Migration Management Training Facility Handed Over to Government of Botswana

The 23rd October 2012, IOM handed over a fully equipped Migration Management National Training Centre to the Government of Botswana. Botswana Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Edwin Jenamiso Batshu and IOM Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Bernardo Mariano will attend the formal handover ceremony.

Improving migrant workers access to health services in Tajikistan

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) initiated a two day workshop during the course of the Project “Improving migrant workers access to health services in Tajikistan”.

IOM Uruguay Hosts Training on Migration and Human Rights for South American Officials

Government officials from ten South Americans countries are meeting this week in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, to participate in an IOM- organized training focusing on the human rights of migrants.

IOM Trains Namibian Immigration Officers in Migration Management

Nine Senior Namibian immigration officers have completed a two-week training of trainer’s course in the Namibian capital, Windhoek, focusing on migration management, counter-trafficking and passport examination procedures.

IOM Trains Mexican Officials in Identification, Aid to Migrant Kidnapping Victims

A first group from over 500 federal and local officials working directly with irregular migrants transiting through Mexico will this week begin a three-week IOM training course to help them to identify and aid migrant victims of kidnapping.

IOM Works with Botswana to Build Capacity of Immigration Service

IOM, in close cooperation with Botswana’s Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs, will next week launch a training programme to enhance the capacity of Botswana’s immigration service and will start work on establishing a National Training Centre for immigration officers in the capital Gaborone.

Migrant Resource Centre Opens in Vietnam

Vietnam’s first IOM–supported Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) will open in Ha Noi today.

Research study on the health of migrants in Georgia

In response to a request by the Government of Georgia, the IOM Development Fund supported a project aimed at enhancing governmental capacity in Georgia to monitor, protect and promote the health of migrant populations by means of a comprehensive survey on the health care access, health seeking behaviours as well as risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among returned / returning migrants, foreign migrants, asylum s

Regularization of Nicaraguan Migrants and their Families in El Salvador

The project, which began implementation in October 2010, aimed to reduce the vulnerability of all Nicaraguan migrants who are deeply rooted in El Salvador but are in an irregular situation, including workers and their families, by developing strategies and actions to regularize their migratory status.

Sri Lankan Government and IOM Launch Web-Portal on Migration, Health and Development

The Government of Sri Lanka with the support of IOM launched a web-portal on “Migration, Health and Development” on Monday 19th December at the Ministry of Health auditorium in Colombo.

Greater Mekong Sub-Region Counter-Trafficking Project

The Trafficking of Men in the Fishing Industry and Other High Risk Employment Sectors in Selected Countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region illustrates the ability of IOM Development Fund projects to initiate critical capacity building activities resulting in long-term systemic change.