Project Review and Selection

IOM Development Fund submissions are considered for support based on the appropriateness of the project request in relation to the Fund’s focus areas and eligibility criteria. The Fund is global in scope and as such, allocations across geographic regions are based on the number of eligible IOM Member States in each region. Maintaining an appropriate regional balance and ensuring equitable access for all eligible Member States are key decision-making factors. All recommended projects are referred to the Deputy Director General for final approval.

In addition to the above considerations and in recognition that the demand for Line 2 funds may exceed available funding, the following will be taken into account:

  • The level of IOM Development Fund support previously received by Member States ;
  • Efforts by the relevant IOM Office/and or Member State(s) in securing traditional funding support through donor outreach and any evidence of possible future donor interest and/or support ;
  • The level of active engagement and support for the initiative/project by the relevant Member State(s) ;
  • Risks to successful project implementation, including IOM’s capacity to implement the project ;
  • Consistency with the IOM Strategy and the IOM Development Fund’s objective and criteria.

In the event that demand in a particular region outstrips the available funding, the IOM Development Fund management will consult with relevant Governments and IOM Offices with a view to consolidating and prioritizing the requests for funding primarily in accordance with the considerations in the preceding paragraphs. Projects that are denied funding due to lack of available funds will be retained for later consideration when new funding may become available.

Project selection and funding allocations for national projects will be made throughout the year, subject to the availability of funds. Regional projects are subject to deadlines as outlined in the Guidelines/Application Tools section of the website.