Project Templates

The project templates in this section are also automatically generated on the Project Information and Management Application (PRIMA) system depending on the stage in the project cycle.


The IOM Development Fund Concept Note template to guide the development of project ideas.

The new IOM Development Fund Project Template (in line with IOM Project Handbook) with a guide to assist in completing each section of the document, the updated IOM Development Fund Project Budget Form and the Government Request Letter Template.

The IOM Development Fund Budget Monitoring and Revision Form for project budget revisions.

The IOM Development Fund Narrative Reporting Template (Interim or Final) for project narrative reporting requirements and the Project Evaluation Form for completed projects.

The IOM Development Fund Financial Reporting Template (Interim or Final) for project financial reporting requirements and the IOM Development Fund Financial Reporting Checklist which provides guidance to and requirements for IOM Offices when preparing and reviewing financial reports to be submitted to the IOM Development Fund.

The IOM Development Fund requires all projects to include an ex post evaluation 6 to 12 months after the project is completed.