Project Tracking, Reporting and Management

The IOM Development Fund-funded projects are managed by the relevant IOM Offices or, in exceptional cases, the relevant IOM Headquarters unit, in coordination with the appropriate arm of the government of the benefiting Member State. IOM includes IOM Development Fund projects in its normal project tracking procedures. Regular progress reports, including financial reports, are required to be submitted on the system, Project Information and Management Application (PRIMA). A results monitoring framework and detailed workplan must be completed and submitted to the Fund within the first month of project implementation to facilitate project monitoring. The project manager is expected to ensure that any adjustment to objectives and budget are made in concert with the relevant government project counterparts and Regional Offices. Requests for project extensions and adjustments to the budget should be submitted on PRIMA for review and approval as soon as possible and no later than one month before the last agreed project end date. Requests will be reviewed on PRIMA by the Regional Office and the IOM Development Fund.

Projects with a duration of 12 months and beyond (including extensions) require an interim narrative and financial report every 6 months (to be submitted within 6 weeks after the interim reporting period) and a final narrative and financial report within 3 months of project completion.  The reports have to be submitted on PRIMA. Once a project report is created in the system, it will automatically generate the reporting templates. Interim reports require all sections, not only the results matrix to report on the activities which took place during the specified reporting period. Example: for a 24 months project, the first interim report due after 6 months should cover a reporting period from 0-6 months, the report due after 12 months should cover a reporting period from 6-12 months, and the report due after 18 months should cover a reporting period from 12-18 months. Unless there are extension requests, the final report is then due after 24 months. The report will be reviewed on PRIMA by the Regional Office, the IOM Development Fund and the Regional Accounting Support (RAS) group. A system notification will be sent at each stage of the review process including the financial report’s endorsement number.

Projects with a duration of less than 12 months do not require an interim report. However, such a report may be deemed appropriate by the Fund management for projects extended to 12 months and beyond. 

Projects requiring an extension of 3 months or more after the due date will require a written request and justification from the relevant governments each time a new extension is requested. The government support letter has to be submitted on PRIMA. Projects requiring an extension of 3 months or more will also require a Budget Monitoring and Revision Form (BMRF) to be submitted on PRIMA.

One of the requirements when completing the Final Narrative report is to fill in the ‘Evaluation form’. On project completion, final narrative and financial reports are forwarded to the relevant Permanent Mission(s) in Geneva by the IOM Development Fund. IOM Offices are expected to share project information/reports with relevant government counterparts.

The IOM Development Fund management conducts regular reviews of projects. Detailed project financial guidelines are provided to its implementing IOM missions in order to ensure compliance to the Fund’s specific project financial requirements.

Unexpended funds at the time of project closure are returned to the IOM Development Fund and reallocated to new projects.

Information of funded projects and outcomes is provided regularly to Member States via the Informal Consultations on Programmes and Finance and the Standing Committee on Programmes and Finance (SCPF).

The IOM Development Fund management team is available to all Member States and other interested parties for further information briefings and related consultation.