Diaspora Engagement in Agroecology Development in Morocco

Diaspora Engagement in Agroecology Development in Morocco

Migration, Environment and Climate Change

Nowadays migration is globally recognized as an adaptation strategy to climate change and it is well-known that the diaspora contribution is important for reconstruction, post natural catastrophes. However, it is rare to acknowledge the role that the diaspora can play in terms of sustainable development and consequently climate change mitigation.

In Morocco the commitment of some members of the Moroccan diaspora in income generating sustainable agriculture, that can create employment as well as respecting the environment, offers a good opportunity to analyze the role of the diaspora in sustainable development and climate change. This project seeks to contribute to address issues related to development and climate change, that might be faced also but other countries with a similar profile.

The project foresees a threefold initiative based on the following axes:

(1) Analysis of migration paths and profiles of Moroccan returnees involved in agro-ecology projects in order to better understand the reasons and the factors that have motivated them to undertake these kinds of initiatives;

(2) Economic and agronomic analysis of the projects will be carried on in order to demonstrate their economic potential as well as the social impact of these activities on their environment (clients, employees and neighbours);

(3) Development of targeted pedagogical and technical tools and the organization of a final conference in order to share good practices with decision makers, diaspora associations and other stakeholders.