Engage and Empower the Diaspora for the Development of Grenada

Engage and Empower the Diaspora for the Development of Grenada

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Community and Economic Development

With a population of approximately 107,000 inhabitants, estimates and anecdotal evidence suggest that the Grenadian diaspora outnumbers its domestic population. As a small island developing state, the population size constrains the country’s development, hence the importance of engaging the diaspora to support the government in its development efforts. The Government of Grenada recognizes that the willingness and enthusiasm of its diaspora to contribute towards development are contingent on well managed and organized efforts that will build trust with its diaspora.

Therefore, in collaboration with the Grenadian diaspora, the private sector of Grenada and technical support provided by IOM, this project aims to engage and empower the diaspora for the development of Grenada.

More specifically, the project will:

1) Strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on diaspora engagement;

2) Conduct a diaspora mapping exercise and develop an exchange platform to understand the socio-economic profile of the diaspora, in view of addressing the local needs and filling existing gaps;

3) Establish a diaspora unit to coordinate related services;

4) Engage with the private sector and diaspora associations in North America and the Caribbean;

5) Finalize the diaspora engagement policy, currently in draft form, and finally;

6) Develop an action plan to implement the above-mentioned policy.