Diaspora Engagement in the Rwandan Health Sector

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) has realized the importance of its diaspora in contributing to national socioeconomic development and, in the spirit of the policy of inclusion, the GoR strongly believes that the Rwandan diaspora is an important constituent that cannot be ignored in this endeavor. The Rwanda Diaspora Policy (2009) and the National Investment Policy (2017) further describe key areas of diaspora intervention for the country: financial transfers, including remittances; technology and knowledge, and skills transfers, among others. Based on the Rwandan Health Sector policy, the government stated that one of the main priorities for the country is to improve the wellbeing of the population by providing quality health services that are acceptable and accessible to the majority of people and provided with their participation.

Through the project “Diaspora Engagement in the Rwandan Health Sector”, the IOM Development Fund has been addressing the capacity-building needs of the GoR in terms of diaspora engagement. In particular, this project aims to mobilise and engage highly skilled diaspora members specialised in the medical sector residing in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to provide support and transfer skills to local Rwandan medical practitioners. Overall, this project aims to improve the quality of health services available to the local Rwandan population.

Applications for interested Rwandans living in the specified European countries are open until 31 January 2021. For more information, an article by New Times Rwanda featuring this project can be accessed here.